What we do in Pinux Studio

Scale Recorder

With Scale Recorder you can transfer measurement results from a Mettler Toledo scale directly into the program which can display or relay the data into your business system depending on the technology you use. The software is versatile, robust and easy to use. This software helped my client, a swedish food company ( revenue around 420 million SEK ) save millions of Swedish kronor on purchasing BalanceLink licenses.

This Program runs on window XP / Vista / 7 /  8



iPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) lets you easily configure iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad to work with your enterprise system OR switch on features that aren’t enabled by default or configurable on device.

★★★★★★★★★ WHY ★★★★★★★★★
1) Configure APN settings and cellular proxy
If you need to change the device’s APN (Access Point Name) and cell network proxy settings or switch between a public APN and a corporate APN, iPCU can help you ease the whole process.

2) Configure VPN connections for
• IPsec Cisco
• Cisco AnyConnect
• Juniper SSL
• F5 SSL
• SonicWALL mobile connect
• Aruba VIA

3) Exchange ActiveSync
Best way of setting up your corporate Email, Calendar and Contacts in one shot.

4) Configure Email
Easily setup Email for both private and enterprise account.

5) Configure Calendars
Let iOS devices synchronize calendar with your company’s CalDAV server OR add read-only subscriptions to the device’s Calendar app.

6) Configure CardDav
Let iOS devices access your company’s contact list.

7) Configure EAP-SIM enabled WiFi hotspot
Whenever accessing any of the WiFi hotspot (Network) below, you are prompted to enter username and password, iPCU can help you get free access to it. Furthermore, it makes your device automatically connected whenever the network is available. (Save 3G data traffic and let you enjoy faster WiFi connection)
Mobile operator (WiFi network)
• SwissCom ( MOBILE-EAPSIM )
• Telia ( homerun1x )
• SingTel ( SingTel Highspeed WIFI )
• Free Mobile ( FreeWifi_secure )
• PCCW ( PCCW1x )

☛ Hotspot names are case sensitive. Please enter exactly the same string you see in “Settings” -> “Wi-Fi” -> “Choose a network…”

★★★★★★★★★ HOW ★★★★★★★★★
1) Local install
First create a profile and then tap the Install button. Safari helps you load the configuration profile and launch the installer. Follow the “Install Profile Howto” in the screenshot image below.

2) Distributing by Email
Enter your or others’ Email address and then tap the Send button. Later on, all recipients can open up Mail App and the iPCU Email they have received. Tap the attached profile, iPCU.mobileconfig to launch the installer and follow the “Install profile Howto”.

3) Distributing on the Web via FTP+SMS
FTP the profile, iPCU.mobileconfig to your Web server. Your audiences can then install the profile by browsing it from their Safari. iPCU has integrated an SMS module to let you easily distribute the URL to your users. Installing a profile is as easy as tapping a URL in the SMS.


Button Age


So you think you can survive all kinds of moron tests out there without making a mistake?

So you think you are quick and smart enough to master all the tricky questions and laugh at your friends not being laughed?

…In the mean time…

Do you want to know what has happened through the evolutionary timeline of human history and be part of it?

Have you ever wondered what age are we currently living in and what age we will be entering?

Play this game and you will find out why people like us living in the button age, say “Be smart and be part of history”.



Pouring a mug of beer, sliding it to your customer, catching empty mugs sent back from drinkers. You think this is an easy job? Well say that again after you play this game.

iBeerTender is an addictive “fill-em-up” game where you play a multitasking bar tender with a job of serving beers to your customers.

Slide up or down to get the tender running to the right table. Slide to the left to serve a beer. Remember one beer to one customer at a time and no broken mugs.

Customers will keep asking for a refill until they walk away from your bar satisfied.

Some tips for those who want to win the final award. You need:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Good timing
  • Be accurate
  • Stay sharp and alert

IQ got Punk’d_Traditional     IQ got Punk’d_Simplified

IQ Punk'd tw IQ Punk'd cn

The English name of this game is IQ got Punk’d. You need a high IQ to not get punk’d by this game or do you?

The game includes questions from astronomy, geography, mathematics, geometry, English and Chinese language, movie, and more.

Special knowledge is not needed but you’ve got to have a good understanding of Chinese to be able to play it around.

You will have more fun watching your friends fail in the test!


  • Five different game levels ranging from Xiucai to Zhuangyuan.
  • Your favorite melody as the background music.
  • A checkpoint for test each level.
  • A real-time game timer.
  • A very special final test result. See if you can get it.
  • And more… 

Tele2 3G and WiFi Connect ©Tele2

Tele2 Monitor

Tele2 Connect enables easy Internet access—regardless of location and network. By automatically finding the best connection for uninterrupted, seamless connectivity.

Connect client can detect the best available wireless network (3G or WiFi). To connect to either of them, it is as simple as clicking one Connect button.


  • Providing seamlessly WiFi, 3G, and GPRS connectivity and roaming from one network to another;
  • Providing WISPr login;
  • An SMS module for sending and receiving SMSes;
  • A client cost control module for monitoring the amount of data you have used. To set a data limit on daily or monthly base;
  • Compatible with MAC OS Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard;
  • Support HUAWEI, ZTE and Option modems

Telia Connect manager ©Telia

Telia Monitor Telia Preference

Telia Connect manager is the first wireless network manager on MAC OS X. It provides wireless network auto detection, connection, and roaming functionalities.


  • 3G and GPRS connectivity;
  • Hotspot Homerun login;
  • A client cost control module;
  • Compatible with MAC OS Tiger, Leopard;
  • Support HUAWEI, ZTE modems