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2 thoughts on “Development

  1. Do you know how to add code to my native app which would allow it to create a webclip WITHOUT Safari involvement. I want the user to make a single tap selection to create a webclip. When the user taps the selection, the app will have the URL path to the icon image for the webclip, the webclip title and the URL to be invoked by the webclip. I can do this easily in Android but it requires 4 taps to do it in IOS/Safari which is a pain for the user.

    • As far as I know, you have to get safari involved in the whole process. When using Apptify or one of the features in iPCU, you can distribute your preconfigured web clips through Email, FTP or dropbox. The user can be notified by either an SMS or Email. It is pretty straight forward for the users to “install” the Web Clips but still need a few taps as you described. I guess this is a restriction of the iOS system.

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