Ever thought about creating your personalized web clippings, bookmarks, quick access clips and have them docked on your iPhone/iPad/iPod home screen? It’s got to be easy; You want to make them whenever you feel like it and you don’t want an expert with his costly invoice after you. Yep, it is possible today. You can Apptify them yourself.

Apptify lets you create personalized web clippings, bookmarks and clips on your homescreen to perform quick access to other apps. With even more fun, it allows you to share your cool clips to your friends.

Default clips provided by Apptify:
• Web clip. Best way of embedding your favorite web page into a customized clip.
• Secured Web clip. Same as web clip with https enabled.
• Phone number quick dialer. Calling your love is as simple as one single tap.
• Quick SMS launcher. Write an SMS to your homies from your own app.
• Quick Email launcher. Writing Email to your boss or colleague has never been so easy. You can totally forget about the looooong procedure of finding the Mail app -> compose a new mail -> enter the receiver’s Email address. All you have to do is one single tap.


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