Button Age


So you think you can survive all kinds of moron tests out there without making a mistake? So you think you are quick and smart enough to master all the tricky questions and laugh at your friends not being laughed?

…In the mean time…

Do you want to know what has happened through the evolutionary timeline of human history and be part of it? Have you ever wondered what age we are currently living in and what age we will be entering?

Play this game and you will find out why people like us living in the button age, say “B smart and B part of history”.

Watch the trailer of Button Age on YouTube:


★ 65+ puzzles & 100+ steps;
★ Addicting gameplay;
★ Fun stories associated with tricky challenges;
★ A featured movie scene from the film Saw;
★ 6 checkpoints on your journey grown from a stone age man to a button age man;
★ A hidden level at the final stage.

If you like living in the button age, please rate it with five stars on App Store and share it with your friends. This will let us live longer in the button age and have more fun.


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