iPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) lets you easily configure iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad to work with your enterprise system OR switch on features that aren’t enabled by default or configurable on device.

★★★★★★★★★★ WHY ★★★★★★★★★★
1) Configure APN settings and cellular proxy
If you need to change the device’s APN (Access Point Name) and cell network proxy settings or switch between a public APN and a corporate APN, iPCU can help you ease the whole process.

2) Configure VPN connections for
• IPsec Cisco
• Cisco AnyConnect
• Juniper SSL
• F5 SSL
• SonicWALL mobile connect
• Aruba VIA

3) Configure Email
Easily setup Email for both private and enterprise account.

4) Configure Calendars
Let iOS devices synchronize calendar with your company’s CalDAV server OR add read-only subscriptions to the device’s Calendar app.

5) Configure CardDav
Let iOS devices access your company’s contact list.

6) Configure EAP-SIM enabled WiFi hotspot
Whenever accessing any of the WiFi hotspot (Network) below and you are prompted to enter username and password, iPCU can help you get free access to it. Furthermore, it makes your device automatically connected whenever the network is available. (Save 3G data traffic and let you enjoy faster WiFi connection)
Mobile operator (WiFi network)
• SwissCom ( MOBILE-EAPSIM )
• Telia ( homerun1x )
• SingTel ( SingTel Highspeed WIFI )
• Free Mobile ( FreeWifi_secure )
• PCCW ( PCCW1x )

☛ Hotspot names are case sensitive. Please enter exactly the same string you see in “Settings” -> “Wi-Fi” -> “Choose a network…”

7) More features will be coming soon.

★★★★★★★★★★ HOW ★★★★★★★★★★
1) Local install
First create a profile and then tap the Install button. Safari helps you load the configuration profile and launch the installer. Follow the “Install Profile Howto” in the screenshot image below.

2) Distributing by Email
Enter your or others’ Email address and then tap the Send button. Later on, all recipients can open up Mail App and the iPCU Email they have received. Tap the attached profile, iPCU.mobileconfig to launch the installer and follow the “Install profile Howto”.

3) Distributing on the Web via FTP + SMS
FTP the profile, iPCU.mobileconfig to your Web server. Your audiences can then install the profile by browsing it from their Safari. iPCU has integrated an SMS module to let you easily distribute the URL to your users. Installing a profile is as easy as tapping a URL in the SMS.

★★★★★★★★★★ TIPS ★★★★★★★★★★
1) Network administrators or IT professionals, from now on you can forget about being asked over and over again “how to configure our corporate VPN” or “my Email account doesn’t work”, simply pre-config the profile in iPCU with an “allstaff” Email sent out to your fellow co-workers. Problem solved! Besides, Less human errors are made while you can pre-configure the corporate VPN connection or Email account and send the working (proven) profile to your co-workers or friends. Not to mention, they can’t mess up (modify) the settings by mistakes.

2) If you have a SIM from the operator listed above, you should have access to their WiFi network for FREE. In the case you can’t (WiFi Hotspot still asks for Username and Password that you don’t have), enter the wireless network name in iPCU WiFi item; install the profile on your iPhone; select the secured WiFi network in “Settings” -> “Wi-Fi”, from now on you have free access to their WiFi networks (securely authenticated by your SIM identity).

3) As for APN and Proxy settings. If your phone doesn’t get APN settings from the air (can happen when you are traveling abroad) set them manually in iPCU, install the profile and then enjoy the 3G services. Or use iPCU to install your corporate APN settings and later on you can remove the profile from “Settings” when you no longer need it. This way you can easily switch between Internet and your Intranet.


47 thoughts on “iPCU

    • i will prioritize it but we are in a dispute with Apple about this app. So there might be a risk the app mighe be taken down by apple.

      • Oh no, iPCU is gone. Is it gone for good or will it come back?

        What was Apple unhappy about this time? It’s years since the APN settings were removed.

        (I actually found a very good app for installing fonts on iOS: Font Manager by namedfork.net)

  1. I’m having trouble trying to create a profile using EAP-SIM authentication, i use all kinds of security types but i get an error message “Failed to create configuration profile. Please double check all required fields are properly filled in.” when i check there are no fields left to fill in. With previous app version i had no problems with this.

    • I have confirmed this is a bug introduced in iPCU 3.0. We are sorry for this if this causes any inconvenience from you. We will quickly roll out a new version with bug fix and let you know the first time when this is done.

    • iPCU 3.0.1 is released with a bug fix to resolve the EAP configuration issue. Could you leave a message to let us know if you issue is resolved? Thanks.

  2. Will this app allow APN edits on a locked iPhone? The APN settings do not show up on a carrier locked iPhone and I wanted to change them

    • Thanks for the critics and suggestions. I am going to do updates more often in the future. The WiFi feature might not be the first one in the release but stay tunned.

  3. Ok you need to update your app it’s so old and plain and you need to add more features because I really hate that I naught your app

  4. I am so sorry but in regards to the APN setting does the problem still exist where apple is requiring you to remove that feature in ver 2.9? And if so do I still need to email you to get instructions on how to change my APN for international travel? Thanks

    • I understand your concern and am shocked reading this news. I can assure you the Xcode I have been using is from official Apple site. Also I am not a developer from China.

      • Thank you for your prompt response, this definitely eases my concerns. In fact, I’m interested in becoming a developer myself, so it was awesome to hear back. Out of curiosity, where are you based?

  5. So I purchased iPCU not knowing that the APN feature was deleted. I noticed that you told one user not to update. Is their older version available and if so, how do I get it? If not, is there another product with the APN config?

    • Yes. Apple forced me removing the APN feature otherwise they simply remove the App from the iTunes store. They did it once when I refused to delete the feature and my appeal didn’t go well either. So currently there is no way that I can release this feature publicly. Of course, if we are close to each other, I can register your phone as the tester of my business and upload a version with APN to your phone while connected to my build computer. But it is unlikely the case. Don’t give up, I am thinking another way to solve this issue. Just leave me your email address, I will ping you when it is ready.

      • Go to your iPhone Settings App and then click General -> Profiles -> choose the iPCU profile you have installed and then tap the Remove button. The Email account you have installed together with the profile will be uninstalled automatically.

    • I guess by tethering here you mean sharing your internet connection with other computers. Then no. I am asking because this term is also used when installing a configuration profile from your computer running an iPCU program to an iOS device connected with the computer. If you run iPCU app on the device, there is no need to tether the configuration profile from your computer. You basically install the profile locally on the device.

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