Trouble falling asleep at night?
Stop counting sheep and start using ZzzZzz… It simply helps you start sleeping now and you will enjoy your sleep like never before.

Your little prince / princess can’t sleep and keep crying?
Simply put ZzzZzz… app in his/her room. Problem solved.

Here is how it goes:
• Select melodies you feel like;
• Adjust the volume to a comfortable level;
• Adjust the screen colour transition delay to your favourite;
• Set your iPhone/iPad in a distant place in the bedroom and let it work on generating high quality melodies and beautiful background lights.
• ZzzZzz…


5 thoughts on “ZzzZzz…

  1. Thank you for the prompt reaction. Let me try to explain the problem again. The default brightness is about 50% and when I open the app it changes the setting to 100%. After I close the app it will still be 100% and I am forced to change it back to the default 50%. I do not want the app to change these settings at all. I would like to listen to the sounds. Nothing more!

    • I see. I will work on an update to address your issue. I think I am going to add a switch on the settings view so you can turn off the “pulsing feature”. I actually got this idea from a toy which is very efficient on calming down a crying baby. For now, after opening up the app you can quickly lock your screen in order to not get the brightness changed.

  2. Hi, I’m using Noisli an my problem is that when I open the app it automatically turns on the full brigtness on my iPhone. It would be very nice if you could fix this.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jan,

      Can you elaborate the problem a bit more? My understanding is your phone has a default brightness setting (assuming it is 50%) and you would like the App to keep the screen pulsing from brightness 0% up to your default setting 50% and not what it does today from 0 – 100%?

      Did I understand the questions correctly?

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