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    • the app is meant to let people compete to the top of the world rich list. can you explain why are you upset? If you think it is too costly to join the rich list then simply don’t buy it.

  1. Will this tool allow APN configuration access if my carrier does not allow it? Bought my phone unlocked from the Apple store but the carrier says it needs to be jailbroken for the APN screen to be accessible. Thanks.

  2. Can allways on VPN be enabled through iPCU? if it can, can it be disabled by removing the ios management profile that iPCU creates or can the end user not disable it?

  3. Hello, I am using iPCU 3.1.4
    And I want to set Data APN Proxy Server
    I saw this in the Description:
    13) Advanced
    Edit Access Point Name settings.
    But when I use the APP I cannot find the Advanced option.
    Or is there other way to configure the iPhone’s APN?

    • I am not sure I understood what you meant here. Which of the following is true?
      1. You want a small piece of background audio to be played while a Web Clip is closed?
      2. You have background audio playing, and you want it to continue to play while closing the Web Clip?

      • I don’t think that is technically possible. The Web Clip is just a “shortcut” to a webpage. You can think that as a shortcut to a webpage hosted by safari. It is not possible to achieve what you said even by Apple official app, safari

  4. Hey I’m using an Apple id that someone let me use to download your app IPCU and he purchased the E-mail feature and when I try to restore purchase it says that nothing was purchased. Can you help me?

    • We use apple API to do the restore job. I don’t understand why does it not allow you to restore.

      One thing we are sure is even you proceed with downloading the inapppurchase, it won’t charge you money as long as the iap has been bought before. Once you go proceed with the iap, it will basically tells you this product has been bought, enabling it for free. So feel free to go with that, if it is not the case, you can ask apple for refund.

      Best regards

  5. — Bug report for iPCU for iOS —

    The security password (General) cannot be saved. So this function is useless.

    • I can confirm this is a bug due to backward compatibility issues. Right now, apart from the new feature we already planed to add, there have been some extra new feature requests from iPCU customers. Can you make an estimate how urgent this bug fix is to your use of iPCU so we have a better understanding how to prioritise this. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the feature request. We have one feature that we already started working on. So yours will be pushed into the pipeline and we will definitely make sure it happens.

  6. iOS 10.3b says that 32bit apps won’t work with the next version of iOS. Can you compile iPCU as 64bit please so that it continues to work?

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